You Can Improve Your Own Safety While Driving Your New Car Or Truck.

Driving can be dangerous. Whether you are on the freeway or on a side street there are some things you can do to improve your own safety. It’s hard enough to concentrate while driving these days with people distracted by phones and gadgets. I hope these tips will help you become a more vigilant, safe driver.

1.) Always wear a seat belt. 55% percent of those killed in passenger vehicle occupant crashes in 2008 were not wearing a seat belt. 64% percent of those killed during the night were unrestrained, compared to 45% during the day. It’s important to wear your seat belt at all times no matter what.

2.) No drinking and driving. When you are having a night out with friends you should always have a designated driver or a cab company’s phone number on stand by. Alcohol was involved in nearly 12,000 fatalities in 2008, or 32 % of all highway deaths.

3.) Forget about your gadgets. Statistics show that talking on a cell phone while driving is the equivalent of driving with 3 alcoholic beverages or more in your system. When you are talking or texting while driving your reaction time is extremely prohibited. Nearly 6,000 deaths were attributed to distracted driving in 2008.

4.) Watch your speed. Speed limits are made for a reason and you should always try to drive at the posted speed limit during normal driving conditions, and take it slow when weather conditions such as fog, wind, rain, snow, or ice can make driving hazardous.

5.) Know what your car is capable of. You should be aware of your car’s abilities. For instance how your car reacts in the slick rain, black ice, or when you have to slam on your brakes. The important thing is to pay attention and be ready for anything.

6.) Tires. It’s imperative that you keep a close eye on your tires. They need to be properly inflated and in good shape to keep you from having a blowout and losing control.

Did you find these tips helpful? Can you think of anything else I may have forgotten?

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