Would You Let The Dark Side Give You Directions?

April 7th, 2010 by

Would you feel good about Darth Vader giving you directions from your GPS? Well TomTom the makers of a portable navigation device have done just that. They are now offering the voice of James Earl Jones as Darth Vader to direct you where to go when you are lost and can not find your way. Thanks to Consumer Reports for finding this news.

TomTom portable navigation devices (PNDs) have been known for the ability to customize route guidance with downloadable voices, but this latest addition to the voice catalog takes the concept to a galaxy far, far away. TomTom has introduced the first of four scheduled officially licensed Star Wars voices: Darth Vader.

Available for $12.95, the authentic-sounding voice provides guidance as only a Sith Lord can, complete with references to the Dark Side. To complete the navigator upgrade, there are free Star Wars downloads with start-up screens, sound effects, and car icons.

The next character coming is C-3PO, with Yoda expected to follow in July and Han Solo in August. No word on offering Chewbacca. We imagine that the Yoda voice could be a challenge to interpret, given the big-eared Jedi’s tendency to transpose words.

To use these voices, the device must be using TomTom software version 5.0 or higher. You can check the version on the device itself (location varies, check manual), or when using the TomTom Home software on your computer.

Should the battle between dark and light be a bit intense for you, TomTom also offers Homer Simpson among its character choices.

Watch this funny video of Darth Vader in the studio.


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