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Service Your Vehicle At Bill DeLord

The Choice is yours, So Make the Best Choice for the Longevity of your Vehicle

There is and has always been controversy over whether or not it is better to take your vehicle to the dealership as opposed to a standard mechanic. Where there are a number of arguments that lean more toward the standard mechanic with many people, there are far more benefits to taking your car to the highly skilled mechanics of the dealership that specifies in the make and model of your vehicle.

Knowledge is Power

In every vehicle make and model that comes off the assembly line there is individuality. Where it is understood that all vehicles have generally the same parts in order to run effectively, but each car manufacturer has different areas in which the parts are as well as make specific tid bits about the vehicle that are not divulged to everyone that comes along in order for the manufacturer to remain competitive. It is these little differences between vehicle models that the average mechanic may not be aware of. Dealership mechanics are trained on the ins and outs of every vehicle that they service, so you can rest assured that they know what they are doing and are far more educated in specified car brands.

Specialized Tools

Dealerships work hard to ensure that all the tools used on the vehicles they service are up to date. Many standard mechanics can fall short on their availability to get access to the latest tools for the task simply because their budget may not be able to support the purchase of new equipment. Vehicles are becoming more and more technologically advanced, so it is becoming more important that the tools used to work on those vehicles are up to date as well. Dealerships have the financial backing to purchase the latest tools of the trade in order to properly maintain any vehicle they service.


There are times where the vehicles we love have to spend some time out of our hands in order for a major repair to take place. The repair can be overnight or may even take up to a week to be accomplished depending on how long it takes to get parts shipped. If you are like many vehicle owners you are bound to have a little bit of separation anxiety. This is understandable because apart from our home, a vehicle is the most expensive thing we purchase.

The assurance in knowing that your vehicle is safe the entire time it is being repaired is priceless. Dealerships offer a certain amount of security. Many dealerships store cars being repaired in locked areas with cameras to ensure that your investment remains secure. Where many standard mechanics run into issues is their inability to provide the security needed to keep your car safe. It is true that some mechanics offer a locked gate around their property, but apart from that there is no accountability should an accident happen to your vehicle or someone jump the gate and vandalize the vehicle. The dealership is a far more secure area than that of a standard mechanic shop.

The Right Parts

From time to time parts are going to wear out on a vehicle and when that happens new parts have to be ordered. If you are working with a standard mechanic they are likely getting their parts from the auto parts store down the road. Where this is fine if the parts are in stock there, but should the part be out of stock it can be a long wait period to get the part and as we have all experienced, sometimes the wrong part is sent accidentally.

A dealership has all the parts on hand to do most repairs and should a part have to be ordered you are far more likely to receive the correct part because they often service your particular vehicle and know the parts it needs. Some mechanics will try to make use of a different part in a vehicle and the results are sometimes catastrophic. You will never have to worry about that issue with a dealership mechanic because they understand the implications the wrong part can have.

Bring Your Vehicle to Us

We at Bill Delord Cadillac Buick GMC want to invite you to allow us the privilege of servicing your vehicle. Our service department is stocked full of certified mechanics that have your car’s best interest in mind. Our knowledgeable staff will be here whenever you need them in Lebanon, OH. No matter if you live in Dayton, Cincinnati, Middletown, Xenia, Wilmington, or Hamilton we want to help you with all of your vehicle servicing needs. We offer only the best in parts and services and have all the latest technology on hand to ensure that your vehicle is serviced to its highest degree. We look forward to seeing you soon.


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