Why changing your oil matters

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Changing your oil

Why changing your oil matters

If you are over your oil change limit you may be heading for disaster

If you have a car then the normal maintenance and operations recommend changing your oil on a regular basis. In most vehicles this is every 2 to 3,000 miles or every year (whichever comes first). For most people this means a few oil changes a year as the average commuter puts 13,000 miles on a car. And while we know that we should get an oil change, it does not mean that we really practice the best habits. Yet, ignoring your oil changes can have very serious effects on your car, truck, SUV, or van. Here are a few things that can happen if a driver neglects to get an oil change.

Engine oil lubricates keep the engine from locking up

The engine runs based upon lubricated parts that heat up when they run. As the oil keeps the parts from grinding against each other, the oil needs to be effective. Old oil is thicker and does not provide much, if any, lubrication to the engine. Additionally, the oil as it thickens may work adversely to its function. Instead of lowering the heat of the components it is lubricating, the debris and grime can act as an insulator and cause the oil to act as somewhat of a conduit of heat. If you have found that your vehicle is running hot or if you smell a burnt oil smell after traveling, it may be that the oil is getting heated or that the engine elements are getting too hot as a result of poor oil.

Clean oil keeps junk out of the hoses

Oil flows allot like blood through the engine, and in many ways it is the life-force of the car. Granted, you need gas, but without oil the vehicle cannot run properly. Oil as it is used picks up debris and other materials. This is why you will note that old oil has that dark and dirty look. That is because it is dirty! Because of this, the consistency of the oil is thicker. The thicker oil has a harder time going through the hoses and other areas that it needs to lubricate. The result is that the hoses get clogged up with sludge and debris and that can lead to a total engine lock up.

I once heard of a couple who let their vehicle go 10,000 miles over the suggested oil change level. They owned a minivan, and although the light to check and service the engine and change the oil came on, they chose to ignore it. One day the couple was driving about 60 down a major highway when there was a very loud metal on metal sound and then a complete lock up of the car. The vehicle’s emergency breaking system kicked in, the steering wheel locked in the forwarding position, and they skidded to a very dramatic halt. Once the vehicle was towed it was told to them that the engine had gotten a surge of sludge and had completely locked up. They had two choices: replace the engine or replace the car.

Change the filter too while you’re at it

Most oil changes include changing out the oil filter as well. The oil filter is just as important as the oil as it is the filter that keeps the debris out of the main oil. When changing your oil if the filter gets replaced as well the likelihood of contaminant buildup is lowered.

The main advantage

The main reason why you should change your oil is to keep your vehicle running properly. If you have a new vehicle, oil changes may be a condition of the warranty. In addition to this, it is far less costly to change the engine oil on a vehicle then to pay for the repairs which can result from a failure to do so. Some dealerships offer promotions, services, and maintenance as part of a new vehicle purchase. Check with your dealership to see what offers were included with the sale of your vehicle.

Do you need an oil change and maintenance?

Have a professional change your oil if you are over 2 to 3,000 miles since your last oil change. Bill DeLord Chevy Buick GMC would like to extend an invitation to visit one of our locations to have this service performed. Not only can we change your oil, but we can check the other vital fluids in your car so that you are driving your vehicle safely. We are located in Lebanon, OH with locations in Dayton, Cincinatti, Middletown, Xenia, Wilmington, and Hamilton. Please use our website to find the location that is closest to you. While on our site you can view all of the services that we provide. Should you have any questions about any service please let us know. We look forward to seeing you soon. Drive Safe.

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