What Is Buick QuietTuning?

October 19th, 2015 by

2015 Buick Avenir ConceptIf you are looking to drive a Buick, then you have probably heard about QuietTuning even if you aren’t sure what it is. This is a Buick-exclusive engineering process that lets the automaker create a cabin that is quiet and free from distractions.

How Buick QuietTuning Works

To make sure the Buick QuietTuning does its job, the automaker puts its vehicles through vigorous testing, both virtually and physically. Testers use 4-post shaker rigs, cold and thermal chambers, and wind tunnels. The exact methods used to create the quiet, distraction-free cabin vary between models. These methods are designed to absorb sound within the cabin, prevent sounds from entering in the first place, and reduce sounds right from their source.

Examples of Methods

Buick uses some traditional methods to reduce sound. This includes acoustic insulation materials that can be found on either side of their cars’ steel dash panel as well as in the headliner, doors, and under the hood. There is also acoustic laminated side glass and windshields, dual-density floor carpeting, and even triple-sealed doors. The Buick underbody paneling reduces noise from the road surface and noise while still boosting fuel economy. Other features to reduce sound include isolated chassis components, quiet-tuned tires, an isolated engine cradle that reduces vibrations, high-strength steel, and hydraulic suspension bushings.

Buick QuietTuning Advanced Sound Reduction

In addition to the noise-reduction methods mentioned above, which can typically be found on competitors as well, Buick uses more innovative methods. It applies a liquid sound deadener; tunes the exhaust and air intake systems; and has heat-activated baffles in some pillars, outside mirrors that are aerodynamically optimized, a patented rear suspension, and the ultra-quiet alternator. Depending on the Buick model, QuietTuning may also include Bose Active Noise Cancelation.

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