Watch the heat in the summer

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Heat damaging car

Watch the heat in the summer

With the heat reaching record breaking highs, safety is vital

You have probably seen in the news several cases where the heat of a vehicle has contributed to illness or to a person’s death. These cases are becoming more and more frequent, especially now that the summer is upon us and the weather temperatures continue to rise. It is therefore essential that you practice preventive measures to keep the interior of your vehicle cool. Here are a few tips.

Have your coolant level checked

Even though the motor on your air conditioning may be working and the fan may be putting out some air, does not mean that the air conditioner is working as it should. The AC on your vehicle relies upon coolant to lower the temperature. When there is no coolant or when the levels get to low, then all that is happening is that the exterior air (which is hot and humid or you would not need the AC) is being circulated within the vehicle. It is therefore essential that you keep the levels where they should be.

Use a windshield shade when not in the vehicle

There are several different windshield shade options available. From prints which look like a giant pair of sunglasses to the Avenger’s Thor Hammer appearing to crack the windshield, you can find something that meets your taste. And where you may think that the paneling across the dash may be a bit useless and only an aesthetic trend, such is not the case. The windshield shade is a two-fold way of protecting your vehicle.

First, the shade keeps the windshield from acting like a giant magnifying glass when you park your vehicle. If you have ever left a car out in the sun and then sat on leather seats in shorts, you can understand the benefit of having a cooler seat. Secondly, the shade works as a security measure for your vehicle. The less a person can see into your car the less apt they are to break in and steal something.

Use your keyless start ignition

Keyless engine starting functions should be used on your vehicle when the weather is high. As you can lock and unlock your car with the keyless entry and engine remote, there is little risk in locking yourself out of the vehicle. Ensure that you have your AC on when you turn off the car so that it kicks on with the keyless start. Give your vehicle at least 5 minutes to cool off before entering. Keep in mind that if left out in the sun the interior of a vehicle can get well beyond 100 degrees. And with the vehicle sitting idle, the gas consumption should not be an excuse not to cool down the car as very little fuel would be consumed. Realistically, most people spend more gas in traffic sitting than in the time it would take to cool off the vehicle in this manner.

Check the radiator and the water level

When the radiator is not working as it should, all the elements under the hood are subject to get very hot very quickly. Hot car parts equal a hot car, not to mention the likelihood of you facing some serious repair costs should the radiator crack, the engine block get too hot and blow, or the electrical system gets a melted wire. Caution: Do not ever add cool water to a hot radiator. It is always best that you take your vehicle into a service station to get all the fluids and the radiator checked at the same time.

Check your vehicle for any valuables before leaving

The best way to avoid having an emergency is to have preventive measures in place not to have one. Check your vehicles for your children and pets when you exit. Beyond your children and pets, you should check your vehicle for any valuables which you may have within the car such as electronics, cds, and (if you have children) crayons and remove them. Remember a vehicle can get over 100 degrees. Those types of temperatures can destroy a phone, laptop, melt crayons, and render CDs unplayable.

 Have a remote lock and unlock feature to ensure that if your child locks him or herself within the vehicle that you can quickly get them out of the car with the touch of a button. When traveling on a long trip keep bottled water in the automobile for yourself and a gallon of water in the cargo area for your vehicle.

Need help in ensuring your car stays cool this summer? Ask Bill

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