uncommon road hazards

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uncommon road hazards

uncommon road hazards

Uncommon Driving Issues

Upon beginning our driving careers our parents teach us what to do in different scenarios. We are told to keep a check on the oil and get things checked out by a licensed mechanic whenever an indicator light comes on the dash of the vehicle. We know to ensure that we have gas in the car before embarking on a long trip and even to keep a little cash somewhere in the car in case of an emergency, but there are some aspects of driving that most people are not so used to and will not even come up on an average driving excursion. It is vital that you are aware of all driving hazards. Here are some that you may not have thought of before, but are good lessons to know before they happen.

The Car Begins to Skid

Expert drivers have put countless vehicles to the test in all types of scenarios including skidding out while driving. Loss of control can send your car into an unknown fate, but a little tact can save your life. A car can begin to skid out for any number of reasons. The most common one is when the road becomes slick due to rain or snow. Panicked drivers will often wildly turn the wheel in an effort to steady the vehicle. This does not work.

A lot of people in the past have advised to turn into the skid, but that does not always work either. The key to surviving a skid out is to remain calm. A calm and level head will be your best friend because skid tests have proven that it is not about wildly turning the wheel or even turning into the skid. It is a matter of focusing your attention and slowly turning the car into the direction of that object. Although a skid out cannot be avoided in all circumstances, but the effects will be minimized when this rule is adhered to.

A Blowout

There are times where the road can become a very hazardous place. Debris from road work items falling off of trucks can pose huge danger. While driving make sure that you are completely focused on the road so that you will be able to see any hazards that lie in the road. Should a blowout occur however you never need to panic. It may be loud and feel as though someone has hit you or you may hear a loud thumping sound along with a rough ride. The key is to let your foot off the gas and allow the car to slow by itself. Turn the car to the farthest side of the road and if you have enough room and the road is not busy, you can change the tire yourself. If, however you are on a busy road, you need to call in help from the local police or another emergency type of association.

The key to any road hazard is prevention. Preventing a blowout involves watching for road hazards, but also keeping the tread up on your tires. Make sure that your tires are changed regularly and the tread is kept at a high level. The other aspect of preventing a blowout is ensuring that the tire pressure is kept at an optimal level with the use of a tire gage. Tire pressure can vary with the weather, so be sure to check the pressure of your tires at least once per month to ensure that the pressure is correct at all times throughout the year.

Cars and Water

Many people have fallen victim to their vehicles coming in contact with large bodies of water. Lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water can quickly take over your vehicle. Should you find yourself in an instance where you are in a vehicle that is slowly sinking in water it is vital that you keep a level head. The key to getting out of the vehicle is patience. Unbuckle every occupant in the vehicle and wait until the pressure on the inside is the same as one the outside. The water will seep into the car and once the flow of water stops, the pressure will be equalized to the point where you can take action. Either roll down manual windows or bust out the side windows with a heavy object. The equalization of the pressure will make the windows easy to break and the car easier to escape.

Carpool with Bill

Things happen while driving that we cannot control, but the key to making sure that you can better be equipped for any issues is to have your vehicle serviced regularly. We at Bill Delord Chevy Buick GMC want to keep your vehicle working in tip top shape. Although all accidents and road issues cannot be avoided our service department will alert you of any issues that could be hazardous and fix those issues so you have one less thing to worry about. We enjoy servicing all of our customers throughout the Dayton, Cincinnati, Middletown, Xenia, Wilmington, and Hamilton areas and we want to put our expertise to work for you. Give us the opportunity to serve you today. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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