The Better Your Driving Record, The Better Your Insurance Rate

February 9th, 2011 by

Insurance is a costly obligation, but a necessary one at that.  As drivers experience more financial stress, there are ways to help ease the rates but that depends on you and your driving!  And smart insurance shopping too.

Did you know that a clean driving record can lower your rates over time? If you have not had an accident recently, most insurance companies will offer significant discounts which will lower your rates over time.

Several insurance companies are taking performance monitoring to the next level. With the installation of an opt-in diagnostics system that communicates with on-board sensors, insurance providers can monitor driving in real time, and offer lower rates to drivers with proven safety records. Specifically, the devices measure average speed, braking speed, and total time behind the wheel.

For drivers that are below average in these areas, a discount will be rewarded after a month. Discounts can range up to 30% from certain insurers, which can provide significant relief for fiscally challenged motorists. In most states, the devices can lead to never having higher insurance rates. Furthermore,  the program is completely voluntary, with an option to cancel at any time. The devices do not include GPS, so a driver’s privacy is maintained while using the system. [Source: Motorology]

So hopefully you have a good driving record.  Now it’s time to shop insurance companies. You can do this online or by phone, but you’ll want to get several quotes to compare. And sometimes it’s not always a good idea to go with the least amount of coverage. Talk with the companies about the different types of coverage and how it’s fits you and your budget. And it doesn’t hurt to tell them that you’re shopping around either. They may be able to get you multiple markdowns on monthly rates, but you’ve got to ask.

We always like to encourage safe driving which will also benefit you by maintaining a good driving record therefore leading to better insurance rates. And it’s always a great idea to call insurance companies when you’re out looking for a new or used vehicle which you can find at Bill DeLord Cadillac Buick GMC.

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