Test Your Tire Chains Before the Snow Hits

December 3rd, 2010 by

It’s finally time to dig out the snow chains and put them in your vehicle just in case you need them. But having snow chains in your vehicle won’t help you if you don’t know how to use them!  I always like to suggest doing a trial run of putting on the snow chains before the snow season hits should the time come that you actually might need to use them.

Here are a few tips for tire chain installation and useage:

  • Take the chains or cables out of your trunk or garage and inspect them. If they come with directions, make sure you read them.
  • Unroll and lay the cables on a flat surface to make sure there are no broken cables (or links, if you have chains) or other damaged components.
  • Practice installing the cables or chains before you actually need them. Tire sizes can vary by manufacturer and it’s important to check for proper fit before the actual need arises.
  • Do not use cables on snow tires.
  • Do not exceed 30 mph while the cables or chains are installed. Accelerate slowly and evenly. Avoid spinning the tires. The life of the cables and chains will vary according to road conditions, driving speed and individual driving habits.
  • Try to avoid hitting curbs, locking the wheels while braking or driving on pavement that’s not covered with snow or ice. All those things will make your cables wear out more quickly.[Source: Edmunds Daily]

You can always stop by to get a winter fitness check  to make sure your vehicle is safe for the road.  Safe driving this winter season!

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