Summer Safety

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Summer Safety

What Items to Keep in your Car All Summer Long for Safety

Once the summer months hit, it is all about the travel. Road trips are an American past time and if you have plans on enjoying the amazing aspect of exploring this great land, you are going to need supplies. I do not mean to pack all of the normal travel supplies such as luggage, but items that could save your life or just make travel a little easier for you. Here are some of the supplies that you need to ensure are within your vehicle at all times.


The oil level of your vehicle is extremely important. Oil is what enables your engine to run smoothly. Lack of oil can cause the engine to lock up, leaving you without a way to go. It is common to check the oil level within your vehicle before a long trip, but during that trip you need to keep extra oil within your vehicle in the case that the heat evaporates some of the oil or the unfortunate event of an oil leak.


Summer time is hot and our vehicles need a drink as well. The coolant within our vehicles enable the temperature to stay in check. A rise in the vehicle’s temperature can and will cause the head gaskets to blow leaving you with a very expensive repair on your hands. Like the oil, the coolant level needs to be maintained. Coolant can be kept in the vehicle for the event when the coolant level is less than optimal.

Food and Water

While traveling during the summer we often map out where we want to eat our meals, but a breakdown can cause us to be hungry and without a way to get needed nutrition. Even more important than food within the summer months is access to clean drinking water. It is advised that a driver keep some form of nonperishable food and water somewhere within the vehicle. Protein bars and protein packed snacks will keep your body with energy if you find yourself stranded on the roadways. You may also want to stock a few MREs within the vehicle should your being stranded take longer than you would wish.

Jumper Cables or Jump Box

One of the most well-known supplies that most motorists have in their vehicle is jumper cables. These cables work great when a dead battery is the trouble keeping you from going along your way. Jumper cables do require that you have another vehicle in which to draw power from, so if you happen to be traveling in an area where other motorists are hard to find, you may want to invest a bit more money into a jump box. These jump boxes are compact and can give your vehicle’s battery the power it needs to get going again.

Solar Charger

We gain much of the power we use directly from the sun and solar power is becoming more popular. Solar power charging stations for cell phones enable you to access power to your phone even when there is no power to be had from the vehicle. These solar power stations are a bit expensive, but are worth it when an emergency happens at the same time your cell phone’s battery decides to die. Most of these devices also enable you to charge your phone without a charger through contact charging. This type of charging is highly recommended in emergency situations.

Carpool with Bill

Here at Bill Delord Chevy Buick GMC we desire for all of our customers to be safe while they traveling. We offer many services to all makes and models of Chevy, Buick, and GMC vehicles that will ensure that your travels are memorable for the right reasons. We have been serving all of our customers throughout the Dayton, Cincinnati, Middletown, Xenia, Wilmington, and Hamilton areas for many years and enjoy what we do. Our trained staff are experts in all servicing needs and we want to invite you down to our dealership today to see the difference our service options can make with your summer travel plans. Do not be left on the side of the road for lack of service. Come see us today. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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