Spy Video of the Cadillac ATS…Must See!

March 31st, 2011 by

Recently we wrote about the all-new, soon-to-come Cadillac ATS.

Without further delay, here’s the spy video of the Cadillac ATS testing on the road thanks to ATS Forums,:


We love that the camera person is well, basically perched in a tree. Gotta love that dedication to see the latest and great of what Cadillac is going to offer.

And the all-new Cadillac ATS can’t get here soon enough! It’s a big deal that the prototype is on the ground because that means that the testing is making headway and, fingers crossed, that production will get underway as scheduled.

The Cadillac ATS will be the newest member of the Cadillac lineup which has been rumored to go on sale late 2012.  This rear-wheel drive luxury sedan will rival the 3-series and C-class.

What’s your favorite Cadillac model?  It can be anything from the prototype ATS, to the Escalade to the Cadillac CTS-V coupe (our favorite!).


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