Rumor Has It That There’s a Cadillac XTS on the Streets

January 28th, 2011 by

So it’s all bundled up, but we’re thrilled to hear and see spy shots of the Cadillac XTS out testing. The Cadillac XTS has been rumored to be replaing the Cadillac DTS and STS.

Here’s what Auto Blog had to say:

Our trusty spy photographers recently caught this camouflaged prototype within GM’s testing facility, showing that the car has skipped the normal test mule phase and gone right to what’s called the IVER – Integration Vehicle Engineering Release – stage.

During its move from concept to production, the XTS has lots its frameless window design in favor of more traditional pillars, including a proper B-pillar construction. Still, the shape and placement of the door cut lines seem to be identical to the concept, as does the rake of the C-pillar.

Since the production XTS will ride on the same Epsilon II architecture that underpins the Buick LaCrosse, expect the production car to be front-wheel drive, though it’s likely that an all-wheel-drive variant will be offered once the car hits showrooms.

So when will the Cadillac XTS hit the showrooms?  Well we’re not too sure, but we will be keeping a close eye on the progress!

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