Protecting Your Car When Flood Waters Threaten

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Protecting Your Car When Flood Waters Threaten

There is a considerable amount of information floating around the internet airways about how to keep your family and your car safe during different parts of the year. There are procedures that can be taken to keep the cold out as well as ways to keep your vehicle from overheating during the hot summer months, but one problem that is becoming more and more evident is the need for protection during floods.

There is a common misconception when it comes to floods. People believe that floods can only strike in flood areas that are connected to large bodies of water. These areas are more prone to flooding, but flash floods can happen literally everywhere. The flood happens with an inordinate amount of water begins to fall quickly and over saturates the ground. The fact that the ground can no longer take on any more moisture enables the flood waters to begin to rise. Although there is no real way to completely protect your car during a flood, there are some precautions that you can take to ensure that the damage to your vehicle will be minimized.

Higher Ground

If time allows you can protect your car with simply moving it to higher ground. This may entail you moving your car to a high point on your own land or taking it to another part of the city that is on high ground. The risk of flooding can take over high ground as well with mudslides, but this is less likely unless you live in an area that is prone to such issues.

Know your Insurance

Most people have some form of car insurance, but they often take the cheapest price without actually knowing what they are paying for. All vehicle insurance companies are not created equal. It is important that you understand exactly what your car insurance covers. If you have liability, like most of Americans, you probably want to add comprehensive insurance to your coverage. It will protect you from many road hazards and in many cases, flood damage. It does not cost much more than liability and the added investment can save you big money should you encounter an unexpected flood.

Flood Covers

One of the best ways to protect your car during flooding is with flood covers. You simply drive your car onto the plastic and tie the car up kind of like a gift bag. The water resistant material will keep your car from taking on water provided the flood waters do not rise above your car’s roof. Some flood covers even protect the car enough in the case that the car is picked up by the flood waters, the water is shielded while the car takes its wild ride.

No Flood Covers

Flood covers are great if you have the ability to purchase some and the foresight to get them delivered to you, but generally, flood covers are not something the average vehicle owner has just lying around. There is however still a way to protect your vehicle from rising flood waters. You can employ what one Porsche owner did when water threatened his ride. He inflated a raft under the vehicle and then tied it to the home. This method only works if your car is among the lightest of vehicles such as economy cars, so it is not for everyone. What is for everyone is protecting the engine and electrical components.

Protecting your vehicle’s engine is the most important. The cosmetics can be replaced, but the replacement of an engine often means complete totaling of the vehicle. The first step is to fill the car’s motor oil and brake fluid until it is flowing over. You can drain out the excess later. You also need to ensure that the gaps of the caps of both of these fluids are air tight. This can be accomplished through the addition of grease or plastic wrap to the caps. Also wrap any other electrical components in plastic wrap to minimize potential flood damage.

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