Poll: Would You Buy A Hybrid Car?

October 1st, 2010 by

Hybrids are vehicles that combine an internal combustion engine with an electric motor as the power source. Add a sophisticated transmission and powerful batteries and it’s a recipe that makes the most of gasoline, the one fuel that’s available in all fifty states–at more than 180,000 stations. Hybrids utilize the electric motor and battery storage to maximize the fuel economy from standard gasoline-burning engines. Depending upon the design and usage, hybrids can boast up to 30 percent fuel savings (sometimes more) over a comparable gasoline vehicle. And that translates into less greenhouse gases spewed into the environment also. Best of all, hybrids are designed for ease of use–just hop in and go. –About.com

  • Mild – uses the electric motor and battery as an assist to the internal combustion engine
  • Full – the two propulsion systems (electric motor and internal combustion engine) can work independently or in conjunction with each other
  • Plug-in – the internal combustion engine acts only as a back-up to the main rechargeable motor and battery system

We have a number of Hybrids on our lot. If you are interested in learning more come stop by and see us!

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