How Your Credit Score Affects Your Loan Rate

February 4th, 2011 by

If you’re thinking of buying a car, you need to know your credit score, as it will affect the terms of the car loan. Since you already know you need some money to buy a car as well as needing to obtain auto financing you’ll want to know how the credit score impacts the car loan interest rate.

Your score can be composed of several factors, one of the most important is your payment history.  Any delay or late payments will undoubtedly have an effect on your score and thus your credit score. In addition, all the balances of your credit card are taken into account when the loan is calculated. There are some other things as well as that are used to determine if you can get a car loan, such as checking and savings accounts and personal loans or mortgage payments.

A reason why good credit history is so important is that it will determine the eligibility for you to have a car loan. This can also affect the interest rates you will be charged to get a loan. You will also be evaluated to see if you can pay off the car loan along with any money borrowed and now owed.  The interest rate you will secure is entirely dependent on your credit history. The better your credit history, the lower the score and vise versa.

Each time you apply for a car loan, your credit history will be pulled. Then, depending on your credit score, a decision to loan and assess the interest rates based on your score.

Your credit rating will make all the difference if you will be approved for the car loan and at what interest rate. It may be advisable to check the car buying tips to help you save more money or check out tips to improve your credit. It is strongly recommend that you try to keep your credit in good shape and pay your bills on time.  Your credit report is always the decisive factor if you will be approved for a car loan and the rate you will pay.

If you’d like more information on if you’ll be approved for a car loan, call a credit specialist at DeLord.

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