How to Make Sure Your Car is Ready for Winter

November 16th, 2015 by

Winter is approaching quickly, which means that if your vehicle is not yet ready for winter, you should bring it into Bill DeLord Cadillac Buick GMC for maintenance to ensure it’s ready for the cold and snow. In addition to getting your vehicle mechanically ready, you’ll need to do some things yourself.

Schedule an Appointment

Call our service department to schedule an appointment to winterize your vehicle. We’ll check all fluids, check the brakes, suspension, steering and tires to ensure that everything is working properly. If the tread on the tires is low, we’ll recommend changing them. If you have summer tires, we’ll recommend winter tires or all-season tires to ensure you get through the winter safely.

Other things we’ll check include the belts and hoses, antifreeze to see if it needs to be changed, and your vehicle’s oil. Some manufacturers recommend one weight for summer and one for winter. If the model you are driving recommends two different oil weights, we’ll let you know that you should change the oil.

Things You Should Do

Make sure you have an extensive emergency kit in your vehicle including a large first aid kit, a blanket for each person in the vehicle, an extra set of warm, dry clothing, a waterproof jacket, a flashlight with fresh batteries, water and high-energy snacks. These things will come in handy should you get stranded in a snowbank and help can’t get to you right away.

Protect the paint on your vehicle by installing mud flaps. As you’re driving, dirty, salty slush will stick to your vehicle. The mud flaps minimize the amount of paint-trashing crud that gets onto your vehicle. Protect the carpets by installing deep-sided rubber floor mats. When snow and slush mixed with salt and other snow-melting chemicals melts, it won’t get ground into the carpets and carpeted floor mats.

Finally, be sure to give your vehicle a good washing and waxing. The wax will help to protect the paint from the elements and the salty slush on the roads.

Visit Bill DeLord Cadillac Buick GMC

Give our service department at Bill DeLord Cadillac Buick GMC a call to schedule an appointment to get your vehicle checked and ready for the winter.

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