How To Keep Your Tires Clean And Looking Good!

July 28th, 2010 by

What is your idea of cleaning your tires? Do you just turn on the hose and rinse them off with soapy water? Do you spray them with Armor All? What is your method for cleaning your tires? 

Have you considered cleaning your tires in such a way that is not only beneficial to you but also beneficial for your tires? When you clean your tires well they will not only look good, but a good wash job allows you to keep regular watch on wear-and-tear. Keeping your tires clean will keep unexpected blow-outs from worn or damaged tires from occuring. That’s why keeping your tires clean is so important! 

If you are the type of person that takes your car to get washed you may be ok. If you wash your car on your own in your driveway these tips may help you on your way to better looking tires in 5 easy steps. 

1. Wet the tires using a garden hose and water. If there is a lot of tar, road debris or film from brake fluid on them, you may wish to spray them with a pre-treatment product prior to beginning the washing step.

2. Use a soft brush and car soap to scrub the tires briskly, using a circular motion to loosen any dried-on dirt. A brush that is too firm could scratch the rims or hub caps on your car.

3. Rinse with clean water. If the tires still look dirty, repeat the previous steps.

4. Dry the tires with a soft towel.

5. Spray on a tire dressing which is available in any hardware or discount store with an automotive section. This will act like a protectant much like wax does for the car body, helping to keep the tires in better shape.


Cleaning your tires is important as is washing your car and keeping it clean. What do you do to keep your car clean? Send your tips in and they could be featured on an upcoming blog!

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