How to Double-Check Your Body Shop’s Work

September 13th, 2015 by

Body ShopGetting quality work completed on your vehicle can be nerve wracking. Luckily, there are some things you can do to ensure the work is completed well. The following provides tips to check that your body work has been completed correctly.

Communication Is Key

Making sure that your Lebanon body shop understands what you want right from the start will help ensure you get high-quality service. Make sure to clearly point out what you would like fixed and to thoroughly discuss how it will be fixed. Get a solid quote and plan in writing. You should also ask about any warranty on the work that the shop offers. When picking up your vehicle, make sure to review both the paperwork and to go over your vehicle. When you are working with a quality shop, staff will go over your repaired vehicle with you and point out what they did.

Carefully Go over Your Vehicle

In general, your car should be even cleaner than when you dropped it off. It should be freshly washed, vacuumed, and cleaned. You shouldn’t have old parts stored in the car, and it should appear fresh all around.

A closer look at your vehicle should reveal that the repaired area looks as it should. There will be no gaps in the body panels, and if there is, that means they haven’t been aligned correctly. Check that the hood, trunk, all doors, and all windows open correctly to ensure the panels are properly aligned. Check your fender and tires, making sure that there is equal distance between the two throughout. You should also turn your headlights on and make sure the light beam is aligned.

Get an automated printout of your vehicle’s frame specifications and compare your vehicle to that after the work is done. Quality shops will make sure that the frame measures correctly after the repair, and using your spec printout as a reference is the best way to ensure this is done correctly.

Check the Paint Job

If you can, pick your car up during the day. The sunlight will allow you to better check if the paint job matches correctly. Look alongside the car to ensure the panels all match up well. Check for color and texture consistency. Don’t forget to look for runs and imperfections, such as dirt or hair trapped in the paint.

What to Do If It’s Wrong

Perhaps down the line you notice your tires aren’t wearing evenly, showing that the repair was poor and the suspension wasn’t straightened. Make sure you have kept your receipt and paperwork. Your shop should be happy to repair if it is still under warranty. Finally, don’t hesitate to get a second opinion on the work either before it is completed or after.

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