GMC 2016 Canyon: The only premium midsize pickup

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GMC 2016 Canyon: The only premium midsize pickup

GMC 2016 Canyon: The only premium midsize pickup

GMC2016 Canyon offers more high level standard equipment than competitors

Midsized Pickup trucks tend to be a vehicle that is not quite a small vehicle and yet not to the standards of a full size pickup truck. Yet, more consumers are looking to the midsize pickup truck as their primary means of transportation and as their primary means of hauling and towing. A vehicle with the capabilities of the full sized truck but with the versatility of the midsize pickup was needed. With this precept in mind, the 2016 Canyon has been introduced

A Diesel Engine

With the government pushing automotive makers into making more fuel efficient vehicles, the diesel engine is becoming more prominent in other sectors of the automotive industry and rightfully so. The diesel engine can offer up to 40% better fuel efficiency than other vehicles which rely upon standard gasoline according to Drive Clean of California. Unseen before in a midsized pickup is the introduction of the 2.8L Duramax Turbo Diesel I-4 engine. The diesel engine is available on the SLT model and offers an increase in the fuel efficiency and power than that of other models in its class. This allows the driver to have the capabilities of some of the larger full size pickup trucks but the size and style of the midsize vehicle.

If you chose the standard engine which is standard gasoline based, you can be assured that the maximum level of fuel efficiency has been engineered into the design. This has been accomplished using a direct injection method on the engine to increase the combustion. The better the combustion the more fuel is used in the performance of the vehicle. This leads to higher torque, HWY MPG, and less fill ups.


Modeled to bring the modern elements of automotive design to the midsized pickup, the 2016 Canyon has used curded edges and elements to reduce wind resistance. The cargo area of the truck has been designed with an easy to lift and shut tailgate. As the personality and needs of the drivers are diverse, the cargo area has been constructed to meet the needs of most drivers by offering various packages such as bike racks, gear tie downs, and additional access accessories to help manage the cargo in the bed.

The midsized 2016 Canyon has added LED signature front lighting, a large double grille design with chrome grille surround, chrome mirror caps and door handles on all SLT model, as well as projector beam headlights. As with most trucks, you can add to the trim selection with various packages such as the All-Terrain to enhance the look to meet your style and demands.


The interior of the 2016 Canyon is cabin is designed to bring the luxury from the exterior into the interior. The dash has been modeled to allow for ample legroom as well as to provide the driver with a view of the controls at closer to eye level. Steering has been enhanced with various navigational buttons available on the steering wheel as well as the coupling of technology with the Apple Car Play. This new feature allows the driver to access technology and social media applications without the need to take the hands off the wheel for calls, messaging, and music. Passengers can take advantage of the available USB ports should they have additional devices or simply want to listen to a different music selection than the driver.

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The 2016 Canyon has many new features to enhance the driving and the riding experience. A revolution to the midsize pickup truck, it offers the strength of some of our competitor’s full sized vehicles but the versatility and mobility of the midsize design. Bill DeLord GMC would like to invite you to see first-hand the capabilities and driving capabilities of the 2016 Canyon. We are located in Dayton, Cincinnati, Middletown, Xenia, Wilmington, and Hamilton Ohio. Please use our site to find a location nearest to you as well as to browse our vehicles and schedule a test drive. If you have any questions about the 2016 Canyon or any vehicle offered by GMC please let us know when you visit. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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