GM Has a Little Fun with Its Windows of Opportunity Project

February 8th, 2012 by

Hey Lebanon GMC, Buick and Cadillac lovers, are you ready to get a glimpse of the possible future of backseat entertainment? Though GM doesn’t have any plans to put this idea in motion any time soon, I’m sure their Research and Development department had a blast working on the Windows of Opportunity (WOO) project.

According to GM, psychological studies have indicated that car passengers often feel disconnected from their environment. This is despite the fact that we have numerous technologies like PS3s, Gameboys, iPads, DVD players, etc. to keep our backseat passengers.

So in response to their findings, the R&D department over at GM decided to challenge research students from the FUTURE LAB at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel to conceptualize new ways to help rear seat passengers, particularly children, have a richer experience on the road. You aren’t going to believe what they came up with, Lebanon… interactive back seat car window displays.

Tom Seder, GM R&D lab group manager for human-machine interface said in a GM press release, “Traditionally, the use of interactive displays in cars has been limited to the driver and front passenger, but we see an opportunity to provide a technology interface designed specifically for rear seat passengers. Advanced windows that are capable of responding to vehicle speed and location could augment real world views with interactive enhancements to provide entertainment and educational value.”

Since this project won’t be coming to light anytime soon, the Bezalel students were given “free reign” to create applications for this interactive window without having to worry about whether it could be mass produced or not. So what they came up with was anything shy of incredible.

The apps the Bezalel students developed include:

  • OTTO:  an animated character projected over passing scenery that responds to real-time car performance, weather and landscape. With Otto, passengers can learn about their environment in fun, playful ways.
  • FOOFU: an app that allows passengers to create, explore and discover through finger drawing on window steam.
  • SPINDOW: an app that provides its users a peek into other users’ windows around the globe in real time.
  • POND: an app that allows passengers to stream and share music with other cars on the road, downloads favorite tracks, and share messages with other passengers on the road.

Along with a press release, GM also released this awesome video detailing the WOO project. Check it out, Ohio!


[Source: General Motors]

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