Fall Vehicle Maintenance Tips

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 Fall Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Fall Vehicle Maintenance Tips

What You Need to do for Your Vehicle Before Winter Approaches

Fall is a wonderful time of year full of colorful foliage and cooler temperatures which are a welcomed relief from the sting of summer. Fall is also the time of year where many people begin to prepare for winter. Amid all of the wood chopping and leaf bagging, do not forget about the importance of the maintenance of your vehicle. Winter will be here before you know it so make sure that your vehicle is up to par with all of its maintenance needs.

Your Radiator

There are many parts of the vehicle that most people consider when doing regular maintenance, however many times the radiator is not one of them. Most people understand the need for coolant and try to keep the levels at optimum within their vehicle, but they do not consider that coolant sitting in their radiator for a long time throughout the year can pose a hidden danger.

For the most part coolant is put in and never thought of again, however the fact that liquid is within a metal object poses a certain amount of concern. Metal can be corrosive when wet and therefore allowing your coolant to sit within the radiator without the proper flush from time to time can lead to many issues with the vehicle including cooling problems and very costly repairs to the radiator. A radiator flush during the fall season will keep your coolant from breaking down and corroding the radiator and the good thing is that a coolant flush is far less expensive than repairing or replacing the actual radiator.

Tire Check

Tires are what keep us safe while on the roads. The tread on your tires is what enables them to grip the road during varying weather conditions. During the fall season there are a lot of rainy days that can be quite dangerous to worn out tires. Although the freezing temperatures of winter are not yet, here you need to ensure that your tires have the proper tread to contend with the slick wet roads that can accompany fall. Tires are not nearly as costly as the replacement of the vehicle if an accident were to occur on rainy soaked roads.

Belts and Hoses

Throughout the year your vehicle will be exposed to many different weather conditions causing underlying issues that we may not see. However, when winter comes, many of these small problems can turn into quite large ones especially when it comes to the belts and hoses that run throughout your vehicle.

There is not much consideration for the belts and hoses that make it possible for our vehicles to run, but the fact remains that proper maintenance on these seemingly small things can enable your vehicle to last a lot longer than it would otherwise. The belts on your vehicle can fray over time and wear on these belts can mean anything from a loud noise that can accompany a break belt issue all the way up to the snapping of the serpentine belt which runs alongside the engine itself. The hoses are equally as important because they allow for the fluids that your vehicle needs to run and also some of the electrical systems to function as they should. Maintaining the hoses means that no cracks are evident and the connections are tight. Maintaining this part of the vehicle during the fall season means that the bitter cold of winter will not allow the small cracks to be worsened.

Battery Check

Your batter is one part of your vehicle that you really cannot be without. Batteries can last for years, but the time inevitably comes to where the battery is no longer holding a charge the way it once was. Checking the battery involves looking at the terminals as well as the battery cables themselves. If your battery terminals are covered in a greenish powdery substance, it is corrosion and needs to be removed. The problem can be fixed, usually by changing out the battery cables or replacing along with replacing an old battery. It is best to do this maintenance in the fall simply because a dead battery in the middle of nowhere is much easier to deal with when the temps are above freezing.

Carpool with Bill

You may be wondering where to turn to when your vehicle needs maintenance. There is no need to fear if you live in the Dayton, Cincinnati, Middletown, Xenia, Wilmington, or Hamilton areas. Bill Delord Cadillac Buick GMC is your number one stop when your vehicle needs to be maintained. Our professional staff will be here for you for all of your maintenance needs and will ensure that your vehicle is ready for the winter. Fall maintenance should not be avoided, so come on in and see us today. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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