Do You Know How To Change Your Radiator Fluid?

May 19th, 2010 by

It is so important to check the fluids in your new or used car or truck. If you’re running low on radiator fluid or coolant your car or truck can overheat which will leave you stranded on the highway. If you want your new car or truck to keep feeling like new or you want your used car or truck to last you a few more years, I can not stress enough how important it is to check your fluids regularly. I know, you change your oil, you check your brake fluid, you may even have considered looking at your transmission fluid, but when was the last time you popped open your radiator? (note: be smart, don’t do it after you’ve driven, let the engine cool first) If you are nervous about checking this yourself call your local Dayton Cadillac dealer and they will be more than happy to check it for you.

Here is a video with some very helpful tips:


Now that you are covered and you know what to do, don’t forget to check your fluids!

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