Do Women Love Their New Cars Or Trucks Longer Then Men?

March 31st, 2010 by

There is a new survey out that asks this question…Do women love their new cars longer than men do? That’s an interesting question because we all know that there is a honey moon period in everything we do. Think about that song you can’t wait to hear on the radio. At what point do you get sick of hearing that song? What about that restaurant you loved eating at until you started working there. Well says, women are more than 3 times likely to stay in love longer with their new car or truck compared to the men.

Based on the responses of 2,500 people, women begin forgetting about their car the minute they decide it’s ok to let their spouse drive (39%), and when they decide to car pool other kids (24%) for the first time. Men immediately after getting their new car or truck start parking far from other vehicles. According to in less than 4 months the men start parking closer (33%) and begin putting their sporting equipment in the back seat (22%)

The love period is over for men when they:

  • Park around other cars (33%)
  • Start transporting sports equipment (22%)
  • Clean their car less frequently (17%)
  • Let high payments to start bothering them (12%)
  • No longer fight over who drives during long trips (3%)

And for women, it comes when they:

  • Let their spouse finally drive the car (39%)
  • Start car-pooling other kids (24%)
  • Start eating in car (12%)
  • Begin putting on makeup on while driving (9%)
  • Leave clothes in the car (6%)
  • Start smoking in the car (2%)

Did you know that people who buy a car over leasing tend to love it longer?

“Generally drivers living a leasing lifestyle have a shorter honeymoon period with their car,” said Sergio Stiberman, CEO of “Every car lease driver goes through this stage.”

What do you think ladies? Do you love your new car or truck longer than your man does?

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