Dealer vs Independent Auto Repair Shops


What You Need to Know Before Choosing an Auto Repair Shop

No matter what make or model vehicle you purchase, it will have to have some form of maintenance performed on it at some point. From the most expensive vehicle on the market all the way down to most economical brand available, preventative maintenance will ensure that any underlying issues are addressed before they are able to develop into major problems. Preventative maintenance performed regularly by a trusted auto repair shop will extend the life of your vehicle as well as your fluids, belts, and hoses far beyond the dealer repair warranty.

Are Dealer Repairs More Expensive?

It is common to notice that many of the repairs performed by a run of the mill auto repair shop can be considerably cheaper than that of a repair at a car dealership. While this is true when you are only considering the money aspect of the situation, it is not so true when you look at the situation from a different angle. Services performed by a certified technician will ensure that your vehicle is running the way it should be because they are trained to know the specific vehicle inside and out. Each and every vehicle brand that you use will have its own individual idiosyncrasies that are specific to it. That means that small noises and little quirks about the vehicle may be considered by a standard mechanic as a large issue because they are using their general knowledge to assess any issues. However, when you take your vehicle to the dealer and utilize their auto repair shop as well as their certified brand specific mechanics they have intimate knowledge of that specific vehicle and therefore can assess the situation in a more educated fashion and also give you a better car repair estimate than many of the standard mechanics. Truly the costs of service when you take it to a dealership auto repair shop can save you a great deal of headache in the long run.

When is a Car Repair Not Worth It?

Your vehicle is your livelihood and therefore it should be treated like a part of the family. If your child were complaining about a constant issue, you would take them to the best specialist around to examine that specific problem and your car should be given the same sort of respect. There is really never a time that you should not be concerned about your car repair. It is always worth it. An auto repair shop can tell you when to repair the car brakes, how to repair the car battery, and even auto air condition repair, so trusting them with all of your vehicle needs is essential to the overall life of your vehicle.

Body Auto Repair Shops

We tend to perk up and pay attention when we hear any sounds coming from the vehicle we are driving, so we take it to a local repair shop, but auto repair shop services are not always limited to the actual working nature of the vehicle. Many of them offer services that include body repair which can be quite beneficial when you are unsure when to repair a car scratch, how to repair car body damage, or how to avoid vehicle rust. They can even tell you how to keep the paint looking fresh and how to repair the car paint should a small scratch wreck the overall look.

One of the most common issues when it comes to body auto repair issues is the glass throughout the vehicle. A rock or road debris can quickly come up while driving and chip your pristine windshield. It may seem like a very small thing however taking your vehicle to an auto glass repair shop can allow the small chip to be filled in with a specialized solution keeping it from turning into a large crack with the changes of the weather.

Are Car Repairs Tax Deductible?

The answer to this question greatly depends on what you use your vehicle for. If you drive it back and forth to work and therefore use it in a professional respect, then most repairs and maintenance to your vehicle are tax deductible. Keep all repair receipts and you should not have any trouble when it comes time to file for taxes. If, however your vehicle is never used for business, you cannot claim the repairs as a deduction on your taxes.

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