Buick’s 2016 Lacrosse adopts the Omega 2 platform

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Buick’s 2016 Lacrosse adopts the Omega 2 platform

Buick’s 2016 Lacrosse adopts the Omega 2 platform

The 2016 Buick Lacrosse gets redesigned on the Omega 2 Platform

The Buick Lacrosse has undergone a redesign for the 2016 model. Where prior models offered a high level of design, performance, and an excellent diving experience, with new methodologies being developed within the automotive industry as well as new technologies becoming available, it was essential that Buick utilized the best available technology and features. Upgrading certain features and implementing new features, the Buick 2016 Lacrosse brings new levels to the full size sedan.

A new platform for a new model

Buick as implemented the new Omega 2 platform into the 2016 Lacrosse design. The Omega 2 platform is part of the underpinning architecture of the full-sized vehicles offered by Buick. This platform allows the vehicle a bit more space in terms of length. Drivers will notice the increase the most in the interior of the vehicle.

Exterior Design

The vertically oriented design of the fascia highlights the iconic grille of the Buick. Overall, the vehicle has more curvature than prior models. This can be seen especially around the front lighting fixtures as well as on the beveling of the side panels. Available HID headlamps add to the luxuriousness of the vehicle by allowing the lights to swivel to the left or right depending on the direction in which the vehicle is moving. The HID lighting also provides a more intense lighting option than the standard lights increasing the viewing range. In addition to the available HID lighting, FOG and LED signature Lighting can be chosen depending on the trim selection.

There are several packages available to help you personalize the 2016 Buick LaCross to your character, style, and needs. Whether you are using the vehicle to commute to work and need extra USB ports, or using the vehicle for pleasure and want a bike rack or more luxurious exterior trim options, most desires can be accommodated with selected trims and packages.

Interior Elements

Interior elements have been designed with spaciousness and functionality at the forefront. The vehicle can sit up to five people comfortably with plenty of legroom. Driver and front passengers have been given more leg room by minimizing the superfluous spaces of the lower dash. When these features are merged with the various interior materials available, the result is a more sophisticated and luxurious interior.

Unlike other vehicles in its class, the 2016 Buick Lacrosse has designed the interior with an intuitive center stack allowing for easier access to the controls which are most often utilized while driving. Adding to this design is the Buick Intellilink system. Keeping everything in close proximity of the steering wheel with the visuals close to the driver’s line of site increases the overall safety and driving experience when operating the 2016 LaCrosse.

Engine and Performance

Buick’s 2016 LaCrosse offers a high level of horsepower and torque. Coupled with the exterior aerodynamic technology and features, the new design maximizes the fuel efficiency as well as the MPG and smoothness of the ride. Standard in the LaCrosse is a 2.4L EcoTec 4-Cylinder 2WD transmission engine. For those which want a bit more power and performance a 3.6L V6 Engine is available on selected trims and you can choose to upgrade to a 4WD on selected models. Further enhancements to the steering and suspension can be added with the available Sport Mode Selectivity feature. The Sport Mode works in real time allowing for a more assertive method of driving. Standard on the Buick Lacrosse engines is e-Assist technology what helps to conserve fuel usage.


Prevention of a collision is why Buick has offered several safety features. Where the air bag system and the frame construction have received high ratings, these features are intended to prevent injury when a collision occurs. To help prevent the need to utilize these technologies Buick has a forward and rear collision alert system, lane departure warning system, Rear camera, rear parking assistance, Side blind spot assistance, navigational assistance, and emergency response systems available for the LaCrosse. Drivers can also choose to include the safety alert seat which will vibrate depending on the side from whence a possible danger is approaching. If a crash is unavoidable, the available automatic breaking system can help reduce the damage caused by a frontal collision.

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