Be Careful Of Blind Zones When Driving Your New Car or Truck!

April 16th, 2010 by

It just breaks my heart when I watch the news and I hear a story of a young child getting backed over by a car. Did you know that 95% of these accidents are done by a family member? At least 50 children are run over a week with two dying according to Consumer Reports. I could not imagine the pain these parents must go through when finding out they just ran over their own child. I saw something about this on the news the other day and it got me thinking about the safety measures you should take before backing out of your driveway so I did some research and here’s what I found.

  • Walk all the way around your vehicle before moving it.
  • Know where your children – or neighbor’s children – are before moving a vehicle.
  • Make sure children are away from your vehicle in a safe place where they’re in full view before moving the car; and know that another adult is supervising children before moving your vehicle.
  • Teach children that “parked” vehicles might move. Let them know that they can see the vehicle, but the driver might not be able to see them.
  • Consider installing crossview mirrors or a rearview video camera.
  • Drive slowly, turn of your radio, roll down your windows and listen for children.

Here is a segment that aired on CBS about the dangers of blind zones. I think you should take a few minutes to watch this. It’s amazing. They put 60 kids behind a car and the driver couldn’t see one of them.


Be careful out there. Being in a hurry to go somewhere is not worth the life of your child.

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