3 Things about your car lights which could get you a ticket

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3 Things about your car lights which could get you a ticket

3 Things about your car lights which could get you a ticket

Three things you should check on your vehicle before you get on the road

When you are on the road there are several things that can cause a distraction or an accident, and even more things which can get blue lights flashing behind you and a ticket. And while speeding is still the number one reason why people get a traffic ticket (apart from maybe over running a meter when the car is parked), the lighting in your vehicle can also cause you some out of pocket expense if they are not properly cared for and maintained. Here are three things about your car lights which could get you a ticket.

If you have custom HID headlights they may be too bright

Custom lighting on a vehicle is not uncommon. However, with the amount of lights and such available, not all of these lighting options are legal. Anything which exceeds the 5k HID headlight bulbs is aftermarket and illegal in most states. Usually the bulbs in HID headlight are around 4300k which is bright enough. Bulbs that get to 6k or more are dangerous to oncoming traffic. While you state may not have regulations on the type or the illumination that is provided by the bulbs in your vehicle, all states have a failure to dim policy on the books. If your lights are so bright that they cannot be dimmed to a safe level, then you could end up with a ticket. LEDs which are added to a vehicle aftermarket can also get you in trouble if the intensity is too high.

If you believe that your vehicle’s lighting may be too high bring it to a licensed dealership to have it inspected. The dealership will be able to tell you if your lights are to that state’s codes.

A broken turn signal is no excuse

If you have a turning signal light which is not working properly, then that is a very quick way in which to get a ticket. Turning signals are critical for allowing other drivers to know that you are about to slow down and make a turn. Without such, another vehicle can easily plow into you at 50 or 60 mph. There are a few indicators that your turning signal may be going out:

  • When you turn on your blinker the arrow indicator is faster than normal
  • If you have a diagnostic display and a warning comes up
  • If the light covering has become cracked or damaged

Keep in mind that if your turning signal covers have been broken that water accumulation can get inside the light and cause the light to short out. This can occur without warning. It is best to have your turning signal replaced by a licensed parts dealer if there are any cracks or holes.

Fog lights that do not work or are used when there is no inclement weather

The best way to avoid getting a ticket from your fog lights is to have your automatic lights turned on. If the fog lights are not needed then the lights will not come on. If you run into inclement weather you can switch over to the fog lights, but in most cases they will come on automatically. Fog lights must be used in this weather to not only keep the road visible for you but to let other vehicles know that you are on the road.

Most modern vehicles have been designed with special attention given to the fog light system. LED fog lights are often an available upgrade which may come in handy for areas which are prone to heavy rain and snow. Yet, even with a great initial fog light system, you will need to periodically get them cleaned and serviced so that they work effectively.

If you are concerned about your fog lights, bring your vehicle to a service and maintenance dealership and have them checked, especially if you believe that your fog lights are too low and could be impairing your driving.

Are you concerned with the status of your car lights? Come see Bill

If you have purchased a vehicle and have not have it serviced in a while or if you are just generally concerned with the quality and the legality of your light in your vehicle, come and see us. Bill DeLord Cadillac Buick GMC is located in Lebanon Ohio and serves Dayton, Middletown, Xenia, Wilmington, Hamilton and the greater Cincinnati area.  While visiting our website you can also explore the vehicles currently available, maintenance and service options, current sales events, and financing for qualified buyers and leasers.  Please use our website to find the location closest to you as well as check on the services and maintenance options available at that location. Should you have any questions about our services please let a team member know when you visit. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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