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Tips for Making Your Driving Experience a Little Safer

Driving is a privilege that most people within this country truly enjoy. America is a country that was founded with a sense of adventure and that sense of adventure lives on within us still. There is likely not a week that passes that you drive your vehicle somewhere. Whether it is for a long family trip, a business venture, or just simply commuting to your daily job, driving is a part of the landscape here in America. Having a well maintained vehicle that is up to the task of getting us where we need to go is vital to daily life. Here are a few tips that may help you keep your vehicle running safely and efficiently all year long.

Headlight Maintenance

Most people understand the importance of maintaining the larger parts of your vehicle such as the engine and transmission, but safe driving is about being able to see what is ahead of you. Your headlights light the way at night and even when the weather conditions are a little less than favorable. Your vehicles headlight’s efficiency can be severely diminished simply due to lack of proper maintenance. One of the most common occurrences when it comes to lack of visibility is when the headlights become foggy.

Headlights are the first element of your vehicle exposed to everything coming at the vehicle while driving. Although the way may look completely clear to our eyes, it is full of road debris and pollutants that can form a film on your headlights. A little known trick however is to use common household toothpaste to remove the foggy film. Apply a thick layer of toothpaste to the headlight and allow it to sit for about 15 minutes. You can then scrub the toothpaste off and it pulls away that foggy film leaving your headlights clear and far more efficient.

Apart from cleaning your headlights you also have to ensure that they are not broken. Although a broken headlight can get you a traffic ticket, the dangers can run a little deeper. The headlights bulbs on most vehicles are highly sensitive and prone to burn out over the least disturbance. A cracked headlight can allow moisture to seep into the interior exposing the bulb to water. If too much water seeps in the bulb can blow leaving you without a way to see at night. Cracked headlights should always be replaced quickly to avoid this problem.

The Importance of Lubrication

Upon gaining access to the wonderful world of driving your parents probably told you the importance of keeping the oil changed so the engine stayed properly lubricated. As this is a vital part of maintaining your vehicle, this form of lubrication is not what we will be talking about. Your vehicle is full of moveable parts that do not seem to get a great deal of attention. The doors as well as the trunk areas of our vehicles open and close multiple times per day. Where the doors are connected to the vehicle can become overused and sometimes create a squeak. The noise can be a little annoying, but what is worse is that the noise can be a sign that maintenance is needed.

A can of lubricant spray can take you a long way. Spraying the lubricant on the door hinges and also any other hinges that could potentially become overused will keep those bothersome noises at bay. It can also ensure that the hinges do not wear out. A can or lubricant is also handy in the case of stubborn lug nuts during a tire change. Keep a can in your vehicle to ensure that you are never a slave to rusted on bolts or squeaky doors again.

Listen to Noises

From time to time our vehicles make noises. Some people make the mistake of ignoring the noises thinking that they will simply go away. Our vehicles are not made like our bodies. They do not have specialized enzymes that allow them to heal themselves from small ailments. Vehicles are machines made by humans and therefore they must be maintained by those humans. A small noise, such as a squeak when applying your brakes, may not seem like a big deal especially if it does not seem to happen every time you apply the brakes. That small noise can be an indicator that the vehicle may be in need of maintenance. To ignore the noise can lead to a much larger and therefore more expensive problem.

We want to help you maintain your vehicle.

Preventative maintenance will increase the life of your vehicle. Tune ups and regular oil changes are just a part of owning your own vehicle. During these checks a licensed mechanic can sometimes locate issues that you may want to be aware of. If you live in the Dayton, Cincinnati, Middletown, Xenia, Wilmington, or Hamilton areas bring your vehicle down to Bill Delord Cadillac Buick GMC today and let our highly skilled maintenance specialists maintain your vehicle, so that it will last for years to come. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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