2019 Best GM Cars For Snow

So you need a new car. That’s step one. Step two is figuring out what kind of car is right for you.

When people search for types of cars, there are a few important factors everyone should take into consideration. Will this car fit my family? How much gas mileage does it get? Can I afford it?

Here’s another question everyone should be taking just as seriously:

How does it perform in snow?

Sure, Winter is only one season, but you can’t afford to get a car that is ineffective in snow or you won’t be able to get anywhere from November to March. It’s also important to have the best car, truck or SUV for the snowy Ohio’s roads in winter.

So now you’ve also narrowed your search to GMs. You know you want a SUV, car or truck from GM, but you want to know what the best GM car in snow is. Where do you start? Which car is best for winter driving?

Well you can start right here. Let’s take you through which GM cars are the best cars for winter.

First let’s dive into what it is that makes a car a great winter car or great in snow.

There’s a few different facets to explore:

The most relevant question you’ll have to ask is, “How does this car handle in the snow?” Will I be able to get around easily in snow? Will I have any issues going up or down steep hills?”

What are the benefits of AWD and 4 Wheel Drive in Snow?

The most important feature in a snow truck or SUV is having All-Wheel Drive. Cars with AWD operate all 4 wheels independently, rather than the front pulling the back or the back pushing the front. Sensors then determine which wheels need more power, which gives the car more traction. This gives you better control in all types of weather, especially snow.

Difference between AWD and 4 Wheel Drive

What many people don’t know is that All Wheel Drive is different than 4 Wheel Drive. 4 Wheel Drive, also referred to as 4 x 4, has power distributed to all four wheels equally, but it does not differentiate which wheels need more traction in a given time. 4-Wheel drive is best used for going off-road and hauling heavy materials.

Clearance – how high is high enough for cars, trucks and SUV’s in winter ?

After handling, another important aspect of a good snow vehicle is clearance. The height of a car’s clearance is the actual distance between the ground and the vehicle’s axles. When snow piles up, cars that have a higher clearance have an easier time gliding through the snow. That’s because cars lower to the ground end up pushing snow that it doesn’t clear, making the car labor a little bit more to keep moving forward, than a car with higher clearance would.

Snow Tires – Why You Really Need The Extra Grip

And of course, no matter what vehicle you get, you will always benefit from using snow tires in winter. Snow tires, also called Winter Tires, come with larger and deeper grooves in the tread that allow the tires to get a better grip on the road. There are also studded snow tires, which actually have metal studs implanted into the rubber that dig into ice and snow for added grip.

So using this knowledge, let’s look at a few vehicles that fit the bill as a great snow or winter car, truck or SUV.

Best Buick GMC and Cadillac for Ohio’s Ice and Snow

2019 Buick Enclave

Cadillac EscaladeThe 2019 Buick Enclave offers a diverse range of capabilities, as it has an impressive 7.6 inch minimum clearance, available all wheel drive that’s balanced by a 22 mpg highway fuel economy. Options include heated front seats and a heated steering wheel to keep the driver warm and cozy in any weather. The Enclave comfortably seats 7 passengers in its comfortable and quiet ride.


2019 Cadillac XT5

Cadillac XT-5Staying in the crossover class, the 2019 Cadillac XT5 offers both luxury and utility. With 7.8 Inches clearance, new 3.6L Turbo Engine and 26 mpg highway fuel economy, the XT5 also comes with advanced safety features like Side Blind Zone Alert and Pedestrian Collision Mitigation to give you an extra set of eyes when visibility is limited.

Prefer A Truck For Snow? 2019 GMC Sierra

GMC SierraIf you’re looking for a pickup truck, check out the 2019 GMC Sierra. With 8.2 inch ground clearance, you’ll be towering over everyone else on the road. With seating up to 6 passengers, the Sierra has max 420 hp that’s balanced by friendly 24 miles per gallon on the highway.


2019 GMC Yukon – the fuel economy truck choice for winter

GMC Yukon

The 2019 GMC Yukon is a very popular option due to its size and capabilities in all weather. Coming with 8.0 inch ground clearance along with 355 hp , 388 pounds of torque, it’s all tied together with 23 mpg highway fuel economy to not only get you get out on the snowy Ohio roads, but keep you going longer. Options come with heated front and rear seats, triple sealed doors and an acoustic laminated windshield to keep all passengers warm in it’s own quiet atmosphere.

2019 Cadillac Escalade – Pure comfort, luxury and high end technology for the winter season

Cadillac EscaladeOf course, the 2019 Cadillac Escalade is a vehicle for all season, but it’s impressively equipped to handle any snow or icy roads laid out before it. With 8.0 inch clearance, the Escalade will guide you through the deepest snow and it’s unparalleled handling will hug even the iciest roads. With wireless charging for your devices, 4G LTE wireless connections and available on-star service, you’ll have all of the conveniences you’d have in your home. In fact, with Blu-Ray rear seat entertainment systems and 16-Speaker Bose Surround Sound, you may end up wanting to take the long road.

Other Winter Options – Cadillac CT6 and Buick Regal Sportsback

And while they don’t offer the same clearance or power of SUVs or Pickups, there are great luxury sedans like the Cadillac CT6 as well as sports cars like the Buick Regal Sportsback that can handle the rigors of driving in winter conditions.


And while they don’t offer the same clearance or power of SUVs or Pickups, there are great luxury sedans like the Cadillac CT6 as well as sports cars like the Buick Regal Sportsback that can handle the rigors of driving in winter conditions.





Trucks, SUVs and Cars for the Ohio Winter for Cincinnati and Lebanon Area drivers

And they’re all waiting for you at Bill DeLord. If you’re looking for a sedan, Crossover, Full-size SUV or a Pick Up Truck, Bill Delord has the right winter car that will get you through even the harshest winters Mother Nature can throw at you.

So stop by Bill DeLord today, and take a test drive, because as good as something can look on paper, you won’t know what feels right until you’re sitting in it.

Feel free to consult our experts, they can tell you all there is to know about how each of our vehicles perform in snow, and what options and additions could be necessary or beneficial.

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So what are you waiting for? Winters just around the corner!

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