2016 GMC Terrain

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Bill DeLord 2016 GMC Terrain

2016 GMC Terrain

An SUV with Distinct Presence

There are countless SUVs on the road today. Every vehicle manufacturer has their version of an SUV whether the size is large or small, but what most of the SUVs today seem to lack is a sense of presence. They are designed with the same features as their competitors, but there seems to be no real heart to the vehicle. It is just a way to get from one place to another with room for the people you need to carry and all of the stuff they need. The lackluster appeal of most of the SUVs on the market today have diminished the appeal of owning an SUV, but GMC is bringing that appeal back with the wonderfully designed 2016 GMC Terrain.

Dramatic Impression

SUVs today seem to be stamped out of the factory with little to no variation in design even between brands. The American people are growing tired of trying to find an SUV that is distinctively different and GMC has answered the call. GMC has always been known for producing some of the most strikingly beautiful vehicles on the market and each and every one has a distinct look to the design and feel when you are behind the wheel. The 2016 GMC Terrain gives a great first impression that lasts.

The dramatic first impression comes from the large headlights that GMC is known for and also with the oversized grill that gives the 2016 GMC Terrain a dominating look. Instead of the sweeping curves that are becoming more popular in other brands, GMC instead fashioned the wheel wells to be almost carved into the vehicle around the tire. This distinctive feature allows the 2016 GMC Terrain to have some of the appeal of many of their truck models with all of the convenience of an SUV.

Power Where It Counts

When we think of power within a vehicle we often think of what is under the hood. The performance of the vehicle is the only power most people consider, but that is not what we are talking about today. Where the 2016 GMC Terrain has significant performance and power from the engine, designers have also engineered this remarkable SUV to have power where it counts most to the customer.

The lift gate is primary feature in SUVs everywhere. It allows the customer to have convenient access to the cargo area and the availability to carry more things with them than with a standard car. A manual lift gate is fine, but limiting. In order to access it you may have to put something down on the ground when your arms are full. The lift gate within the 2016 GMC Terrain is not manual, but powered with the push of a button. In addition to the ease of use it has a sensor that detects when something is in the way and will stop closing and actually revers its direction. The power lift gate can also be programmed to specific heights to enable it to be opened in confined areas.

Park Asist Technology

Technology is one of the most important aspects in vehicle design today. In days gone by a vehicle was merely expected to get the driver and passengers from one place to another. The technology was only a perk that could be added to the vehicle after market, but now the vehicles we drive are full of technologically advanced features that make driving a lot safer than ever before. The 2016 GMC Terrain is equipped with the latest in park assist technology that allows you to park it anywhere you need to safely.

Parallel parking can be a chore especially in heavy traffic. Many people will avoid parallel parking altogether because of the risk of hitting another vehicle. That risk is greatly reduced when you use the ultrasonic park assist onboard the 2016 GMC Terrain. The rear backup camera allows you to see any and all obstructions that may be in the way and the specialized sensors detect objects up to eight feet away. You will never have a problem backing into a parking space with the 2016 GMC Terrain.

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