2016 Cadillac ATS

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2016 Cadillac ATS

2016 Cadillac ATS

The 2016 ATS – Engineered with advanced technology

The Cadillac brand has long been established as one of the top luxurious brands in automotive manufacturing and design. Forbes has reported that Cadillac is amongst the top auto brands for loyalty and for lifestyle. KBB has specifically noted that “Our first road-going exposure to the 2016 ATS-V left us more than impressed. Cadillac has finally created a compact sports sedan that can more than hold its own with the best of what Europe offers. In fact, we dare say that rivals may just find themselves playing catchup to Cadillac.”

Advanced Aerodynamics and Design

The 2016 ATS has been engineered to reduce the wind resistance while driving. This has been accomplished with the beveled lamps and the added curvature on the exterior. A downforce has been constructed on the rear of the vehicle where an underbody aero shield was added to keep the airflow around the vehicle and not encompassing it. The result is that the Cadillac ATS is able to gain higher speeds, maximize the power of the engine, and use less fuel in doing so.

Engine and Power

Adding to the overall design, are the engines available. Dependent upon the trim selected, the ATS comes equipped with a 2.0L, 2.5L, or a 3.6L V6 engine. Standard in the ATS is a 2.0L Turbo RWD automatic transmission. However, buyers can upgrade to the larger engine and to an AWD transmission in certain models.

Compared to other models within its class, reviews have placed the Cadillac ATS among those of the top luxurious European brands even though the Cadillac Company is based out of the United States. Domestically, rival vehicles fall short in Horsepower and Torque.

Performance and handling

The New York Times stated in a video released in November of this year that the performance of the 2016 ATS “may be speed racer’s first choice” and “the ATS-V makes driving hard an easy thing to do.” Engineers have used a ZF premium steering technology to maximize the responsiveness of the vehicle. A 5 link rear independent suspension helps to keep the driver in control while the responsive power available 8 speed transmission makes transitioning between gears simpler than that of similar vehicles in its class.

Technology beyond the design

The interior of the 2016 ATS has been catered to the modern day traveler. As the general population is highly saturated with mobile media and mobile devices (as one survey has stated one out of every 3 American Adults has a smartphone or similar device), Cadillac has integrated the ability to use social media as well as common personal devices within the vehicle. Because the driver’s focus needs to be on the road, a reconfigurable driver information center has been placed at eye level on the dash. The ability to use hands free, voice activated controls such as messaging, calling, and navigational services is another option that adds to the driver experience and safety. A head’s up display is available to provide navigational assistance, project your current vehicle speed, and give audio information. All the data is then projected on the windshield in full color. The information is clear enough to provide the information to you the driver easily while at the same time it is small enough and opaque enough not to distract you from the road. Coupled with this technology are various preset options (such as those available on the seating) and upgrade packaging.

Passengers may choose to use the Cadillac Cue to access such available apps as Pandora or Onstar, or they can plug in their personal device into one of the available USB ports around the cabin.

Even when an owner is not in the vehicle, there are still features which can be used for the 2016 ATS. Available access app and the push button start remote keep the person in control of such functions as the locks, push to start ignition, horn, alarms, and other features. Check to see what features are available through the app for your selected trim.

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