2016 Acadia introduces SL Base Trim Model

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 2016 Acadia introduces SL Base Trim Model

2016 Acadia introduces SL Base Trim Model

SL base trim added to the SLE, SLT and Denali Models of the 2016 Acadia

The 2016 Acadia model options have been extended to include a new SL base model. Where the company is still offering the SLE, SLT, and the Denali Model, the new SL base trim offers a few distinctive standard features for the SUV. Among these features are enhancements to the interior, exterior, power and fuel efficiency engineering, technology features, and safety enhancement packages. The new SL trim has led customers to leave reviews such as “Great car my only regret is that I didn’t buy one sooner.”(from Cars.com) and “The 2016 GMC Acadia remains one of our top picks among three-row family crossovers, with class-leading cargo room, generous passenger space and a comfortable ride.” (Edmunds.com).


Distinctive with the 2016 model is the implementation of a “smoother” surface. The exterior elements of the 2016 Acadia have been given more curvature in order to bring the aesthetics of modern automotive design forward. Side panel accents have been added to the lower portion of the vehicle to draw attention to the wheels while the top trim has been designed to slightly taper from the front to the back to enhance the sense of motion and give it a windblown appearance. Merged with this curved design are strategically placed defining angles. The large grille area of the front is one such area. The double grille design is subtle ,as the lower grille is nested between the lower lighting while the upper grille dominates a large portion of the anterior of the vehicle.

The curved look is not meant just for aesthetic purposes, though that was a consideration to the engineering. The dynamics of the design cut down on the wind resistance and allow the 2016 Acadia to get better fuel efficiency than other models in its class. Even the side mirrors have been filleted and curved to maximize the air flow around the vehicle.


Depending on which seating configuration you chose for your selected model, the 2016 Acadia is capable of comfortably accommodating 7 to 8 passengers. An available smart slide system allows for passengers to access the third row seating. You can also do so through available second row bucket seats if you chose not to include a bar style seating for that row. When the third row is not being used, the 60/40 split bench allows you to enhance the cargo area. Should all seats be needed the cargo area still offers a greater max space than any competitor in its class.

Power and Fuel Efficiency

The 2016 GMC Acadia comes standard with a 3.6l V6 Engine. The HP and the torque are highly competitive with similar vehicles. Considering the power capacities of the engine as well as the curb weight, the 2016 Acadia delivers the performance expectations of a full size SUV. The Acadia comes with a 6 speed FWD automatic transmission is standard in the 2016 Acadia. Drivers can opt for an AWD 6 Speed Transmission in selected models.


The National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has given the 2016 Acadia a 5 star rating. Additionally Edmunds as well as the car connection have given great reviews on the safety of the vehicle stating “With excellent crash-test scores, the Acadia is one of the safest vehicles on the road.” Apart from the standard air bag system, the steel frame construction, and the low center of gravity in the design, available safety features are available to maximize the driving experience. Such features include the Forward Collision Alert and Land Departure warning, Side Blind Zone Alert, Cross Traffic Alert, and the available OnStar Emergency Assistance. The available technology of the touchscreen console and the hands free navigational buttons on the steering wheel also help to minimize distractions and potential safety concerns. While most of these features are available on the new SL model, please check with your dealership about the features available for your selected trim.

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