Keep Your Rag Top in Tip-top Shape!

January 6th, 2011 by

There might be nothing better than cruising down the road in the warm summer months with your convertible top down and breeze blowing through your hair.  Convertible vehicles are something special, but having a rag top requires a bit of care.  Here are a few tips to make your convertible top last as long as possible.

  • Protect your convertible top during the winter. If you cannot garage your convertible, wipe any snow or ice from the soft top before it has a chance to accumulate.
  • Convertible top cleaning shampoo can be purchased from an auto parts store or car detailing shop. Consider applying a liquid rag top protectant or polish after washing. While not a requirement, the extra protection may help your rag top last longer. Never use abrasives, such as Comet or Ajax, on a convertible top. When cleaning the plastic window do not use glass cleaners. Use cleaners specifically designed for plastic convertible windows.
  • Remove bird droppings. Wipe away bird droppings using a car wash mitt and convertible top shampoo. The acid in bird droppings can damage the sensitive fabric of the rag top.
  • Clean your rag top thoroughly twice per year. This can be done once a the start of summer and again right before winter. First, make sure that the top is cool and out of direct sunlight. Next, use a medium to soft bristled nylon brush and convertible top shampoo to thoroughly remove any dirt and soil from the rag top.
  • Periodically clean your rag top in between the twice per year thorough cleanings. Pull your car into a shaded area and allow the top to cool completely. Next, spray it with plain water and gently wipe it down with a soft sponge or brush.
  • Clean the plastic window. Use paper tape or a fabric lint brush to remove dust and dirt from the plastic window in between cleanings. Apply the tape sticky side down and the tape will remove dirt and debris when it is removed. Alternatively, the lint brush can by gently rolled across the plastic to remove minor dust and dirt.

Keep your rag top in tip-top shape! Pretty soon the warm weather will be here and it’ll be time to put the top down!

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